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Sorry I have been having a problem with semester 2 recordings but as soon as I sort it out I will let you know


Downloading Files

Downloading Files that have been edited through Contribute so that you have the most current copy in Dreamweaver

Site Creating with Fireworks and Dreamweaver

Saving, Exporting and Slicing in Fireworks 8 mb

Creating Liquid page layouts with tables in Dreaweaver 9 mb

Creating Templates and adding hyperlinks in Dreamweaver 9 mb

Adding CSS rules 13 mb

File Management 13 mb

FTP related

Adding FTP details to existing Dreaweaver Site 4 mb

using Dreamweaver as FTP client 4 mb

Overview of FTPing with Dreaweaver 12 mb


Monday 19th May week13

Part 1 putting the divs together


Part 2 styling the divs


Part 3 Photoshop actions



Week 14 Spry Assets

Spry Assets using them


Formatting Spry Assets




Converting a 2 column layout to a 3 column layout


Creating and editing gradients in Fireworks





Resource links


Photoshop tools




Dreamweaver 8 notes


Stock image sites