Gold Coast wedding celebrant

I have been doing a bit of maintenance work for Gold Coast wedding celebrant Shauna Rowe on her website. It is a beautiful website but the WordPress theme that it uses isn’t out of the box overly SEO friendly so I’ve just been cleaning up the html and fundamental SEO tags.

I also install google analytics and webmaster tools ‘so that we can track any changes and improvements over the long term. This in it self was very interesting because it showed that the sites most popular page is her Gold Coast beach weddings page which without the tracking I would have never realised this longtail search phrase was a potential gold mine.

So what is the moral of this post – there is no point in spending money or effort unless you can effectively track your changes– basically how are you going to calculate the ROI (return on investment) of your time and energy. Without effective tracking you may be focusing on the wrong areas or key phrases. And in this competitive day and age that is the last thing you want to be doing :)

This graphic from illustrates the value of longtail key words beautifully just like a romatic beach wedding :)

long tail keywords like gold coast beach weddings

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