What is a blog or should it be when is “WordPress not a blog?”

first published Wednesday, August 13th, 2008

How much has changed in the last 6 years- but still this explanation of what is blog is still true but WordPress has evolved over this 6 years to be more of a CMS framework. So while the definition below is true WordPress is so much more these days. Maybe the question should “When is WordPress not a blog?”

A blog is a website that can be thought of as an online journal. The posts or journal entries generally appear in reverse chronological order so the oldest will be closest to the bottom and the newest at the top.

Another important aspect about blogs is that blog sites use particular software to run them which allows users to log in and maintain their posts/entries etc. There are many places that you can sign up for your own blog for free and begin such as wordpress and blogger. With many hosting accounts a wordpress blog is available as a free addon that can be installed but this is not something that I would recommend for a typical user or blogger.
So why blog?
Well it’s a really easy way to self publish and self promote. You sign up for an account and follow your nose- don’t be scared you can’t really break your blog on wordpress and blogger.

Another reason is the search engines absolutely love blogs so blogging can be a great way to increase your websites search engine optimization results. It’s not a magic wand but with a bit of a strategy your blog make act like fairy dust for your search engine optimizations rankings.
Strategies for blogs
Well that another post topic altogether so check back soon and we’ll look at some

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